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Howdy!  Welcome to my site dedicated to electronics, education, Astronomy, science projects and Chinese punk rock!  I’m from Austin originally but lived in China for 8 years working in advertising, film and music.  Most recently, well, for the past 9 years I’ve been teaching Physics, Astronomy and Robotics at Anderson high school.  I’ve had an amazing career in having amazing careers!  My resume is available with my print portfolio and web portfolio.  If you have any questions about Tesla coils, 555 timer circuits, laser holograms or Chinese punk rock, please email dave@texasdavid.com and I’ll help out as much as I can.


Oh! If you’re here looking for my book, “Inseparable – the memoirs of an American and the story of Chinese punk rock” please visit the book page here and please be sure and like the Facebook fan page of the book.  We are trying to support Half the Sky, a Chinese children’s orphanage, with the proceeds from books sales and other music related events.  Since 2012 we have earned over $3000 for them, help me do more this year!!


Latest update:


Crane.tv produced a short video on Chinese punk rock in Beijing with the arrival of former Sex Pistol lead singer John Lydon’s band PIL playing their first show ever in the mainland.  I was lucky to help out by providing background info, photos – and importantly, getting James Tiscone in touch with some of the old punks.

Before arriving, James Tiscone setup an interview with Lydon and wanted to find some of the pioneering names in Chinese punk rock to ask Johnny some questions in person!  What an amazing opportunity!  He contacted me and I suggested several people from bands like Underbaby, Misandao, PK14, Catcher in the Rye and Brain Failure.  When the interview took place, some bands couldn’t make it or chose not to, at the end only 4 people were allowed into the green room with Johnny – not even James was able to go in.  Gao Wei (considered the godfather of Chinese punk rock – my old roommate / bandmate), his brother Gao Yang (one of the earliest punk drummers), a sound man and a camera man.  Regardless of who got to meet Lydon, this was an incredible event that brought Chinese punk rock full circle as we remember watching Sex Pistols VHS tapes 20 years ago and now having Lydon actually in Beijing playing a show.




Wow!  Yuan Qing from China Daily (China’s national newspaper) interviewed me about the book and the charity concert, this is a pretty good article that comes out sometime at the end of September 2012.



Thanks Liz Tung for the article, it really helped get people to the charity concert!!!