Electronics Learning Lab

These are videos and thoughts on the amazing Radio Shack Electronic Learning Lab.  If you are into circuit bending or building audio circuits, this kit is worth the money.  It’s around $70 new, but worth it.  My students all use this during the electricity portion of physics, it is a fantastic and modern approach to teaching the electrical paths in electronics. The link for the kit is:  http://www.radioshack.com/product/index.jsp?productId=3814337

Helpful files if you use this in a classroom setting:

Labels for containers you might use to store all the components.  It is much more handy to take all the components out and put them in bins rather than have them all mixed and lost in the little plastic containers they come shipped with.




Using the ELL in the classroom requires some guided curriculum, lessons, worksheets.  I prefer to guide them along the path using step by step inquiry based packets that give them the freedom to build and answer questions at their own pace.  Feel free to use them.