how to upgrade to first class on american

How to Find Out if Upgrade Space is Available. Two American Airlines upgrade options are available on international flights. Should I open up an airline c/c? $50,000 in purchases per calendar year earns $3000 EQDs. In addition, here is our article on how to upgrade on British Airways. 8. With your Platinum Pro status, you’re in a good position to create a combination that works. Having an American Airlines AAdvantage credit card will not help you get upgraded, but it will make your trip more comfortable and affordable with priority boarding and a free checked bag. Thanks for your question, Angela. American Airlines rewards its top elite members with complimentary upgrades and the ability to earn worldwide upgrades. Enjoy a confirmed upgrade from most Business fares to First and most Economy or Premium Economy fares to the next class of service (Business or domestic First) anywhere American flies. Instead you would just initially purchase an award flight in a higher class such as business or first, for example. A definitive process for allocating upgrades is a positive and rewards AAdvantage Elite members whose loyalty is strongest with American Airlines. They cannot be converted or transferred, however, you can use them to upgrade traveling companions. Travelers in Business Class (even C class) have access to lounges when traveling Internationally to the following areas: Asia,Australia,Central America,Europe,Mexico City(MEX),New Zealand,and South America. Take a look at the upgrade chart in this article or on AA web site to get an idea of how much it will cost to upgrade discounted economy/premium economy with miles/cash. Then buy 2 Premium Economy (or economy) tickets and upgrade those with miles for your teenagers. First, you do not need to purchase the flight directly with American Express. For example, if you purchase a full-fare economy ticket and then upgrade it with miles to a business class ticket, you will accrue miles based on the original full-fare economy ticket that you purchased. The upgrade hierarchy for American Airlines is similar to other airlines’ upgrade ranking in that Elite status is the most important factor. Thanks! Hi Ken. Keep in mind that there may be additional taxes and carrier-imposed fees for specific itineraries, such as flights originating in Great Britain and France. For booking American Airlines first class, they can use miles for ticket reservations and upgrade economy class to first class on American Airlines. If you have a full-fare business class ticket, upgrading to first class costs 15,000 miles for travel to Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean, Central America and some South American countries. Here is the fare chart that shows you how many AA miles it would take to upgrade on British Airways. The information provided is for informational purposes only and should not be considered financial, tax or legal advice. You need to have elite status to use your 500-mile upgrades. It is also not an award ticket or the same as having a companion fly on a paid ticket on the same reservation, both of which can be upgrade-eligible as mentioned in the article. 5,000 EQM after spending $20,000 on the card in a calendar year, 5,000 additional EQM, for a total of 10,000, after spending $40,000. Then, your daughter and the remaining family member will be booked with AA Platinum. AAnytime & MileSAAver awards are both award flight options. Step 1, Buy an upgrade. The instruments are good for one-cabin upgrades, so in this case, if you’re starting in Y, you’d go to J. I am AA Platinum Pro and have 20+ 500 mile upgrades in my account. First Class Upgrade Be sure to add a First Class Upgrade to your clients home warranty coverage. 5. Upgrade chart/rules: Article on upgrading with British Airways: American Airlines Upgrade Policy . Alaska Airlines – Upgrades to first class can be purchased for 15,000 miles for a one-way upgrade (includes connecting flights). If you purchased them with cash then yes you can upgrade to premium economy with cash or with miles. Set up fare alerts for business class fares. While Citi doesn’t offer AAdvantage credit cards, Barclays cards offer a faster path to elite status. American Airlines First Class Upgrade Miles . American Airlines has recently improved their companion upgrade process. These fare classes will be the first to clear for upgrades. Hi Ian. But it costs a lot more, ranging from 12,500 miles to 55,000, depending on your destination and your original fare class. They purchased a package. Are you a member of American Airlines AAdvantage frequent flyer program? Pre-departure gate upgrades for purchase may be discounted and a good value. If you have enough miles, you could purchase 2 business class tickets for you and your wife. Say you’re traveling New York-Milan in mid-January. Upgrades are valid for a single-class upgrade on up to 3 segments for the outbound or return journey and exclude award tickets. American has 26 different fare codescovering its revenue tickets, award tickets and upgrade inven… Two American Airlines upgrade options are available on international flights. However, there is the possibility of it happening due to an operational oversold situation or at the discretion of the gate agent who recognizes your status. For a 1,900-mile trip, you would need 4 upgrades. I’ve purchased a bulk ticket for my clients and cannot get an upgrade for purchase for one of their legs OGG to PHX. Actually, award flights are all flights where you’re using miles to purchase the flight. If that’s the case I’m a little conflicted because even when I buy just main cabin it allows me to select premium seats for free, so I’d be paying a pretty big price just to increase my odds at business class, but with no guarantee. Upgraded Points, LLC uses reasonable efforts to maintain accurate information on the site — and prior to applying for any credit card offers found on, all visitors should review other features of such credit cards including but not limited to interest rates, annual fees and transaction fees, and should determine the suitability of such credit cards considering their own individual financial position. First, thanks for the great site and for taking time to answer the questions, this is complicated stuff. She has over four million flown miles and elite status on all three major domestic carriers. You can also subscribe to a site such as Expert Flyer (about $5/month), check for AA upgrade award seat availability and when you see something open up, you can call in. Gold and Platinum AAdvantage Elite members earn 4 500-mile upgrades for every 12,500 Elite Qualifying Miles earned. Knowing a top elite member could equal an upgrade if you’re both traveling on the same eligible flight. We are flying to Paris and home from Lyon in May. However, the credit card information that we publish has been written by experts who know these products inside out, and what we recommend is what we would (or already) use ourselves. But if you’re on a budget, don’t fret: You can use American Airlines frequent flyer miles or elite status to upgrade to first class at a fraction of the cost of a full-fare ticket. I do not know if it is possible to upgrade with miles + co-pay after you have used a systemwide upgrade. Here are examples of how many miles it takes to upgrade flights on these partner airlines. For 25,000 miles, you can upgrade to first class on a flight to Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Australia, New Zealand and the remaining South American countries. Free checked bag and preferred boarding for you and up to 8 traveling companions. You can view a complete upgrade chart with the cost for upgrading your ticket with miles and with miles and co-pays on If I have Emerald One World status from a different airline, will AA consider this for complimentary upgrades? Achieving Gold earns complimentary upgrades on flights less than 500 miles. R/PZ: Upgrades from economy to business class or first class on domestic flights. If you purchase an economy fare and call in to upgrade, they’re going to price out the business class fare and charge you the difference. Upgrade To First Class Aa Thanks for your comment Tim, and I am sorry you were unable to upgrade the companion certificate ticket. Save 72% on Business Class even if you miss the advance-purchase deadline. Purchasing a premium class award ticket with miles is the easiest way to secure a seat in the front of the plane. Will I be waiting until 24 hours before the flight? Although upgrade demand is high and availability limited, there’s usually a way to fly in the front of the plane if you: Let’s take a look at American Airlines’ definitive policy for allocating upgrades to their top elites and how non-elites stand a chance of flying in premium cabins. We purchased tickets through our tour operator and would like to use our miles to upgrade. I’ve tried using their form but couldn’t specify that I want the miles applied to AA, not my Alaska account. Elite members may also use miles to purchase 500-miles upgrades at the rate of 8 upgrades for 40,000 AAdvantage miles. Most tickets are eligible to upgrade with miles, but there must be upgrade availability. PN: Upgrades from full fare Y, B or M fare class tickets to first or business class, plus all Global Services upgrades. For upgrades from business class to first class, there needs to be “A” availability. The 500 mile upgrades do not expire. Purchase full economy fare tickets in Y or B fare class. Click here to see a list of advertisers that we work with. Tickets upgraded using mileage upgrade awards will accrue miles based on the original purchased fare. First Class for Free: How to Get an Airline Upgrade Ed Hewitt Ed Hewitt started traveling with his family at the age of 10 and has since visited dozens of countries on six continents. I’m wondering, however, if I should buy the business class fare outright? Is this true?This seems unfair, especially for upgrades that are purchased. Buy an upgrade at ticket purchase, check-in or at the gate. I’m platinum and I called AA to use miles to upgrade a flight in December to business. Bottom Line: You don’t have to have elite status with American Airline’s AAdvantage frequent flier program to be able to upgrade a flight using miles. I’m afraid they’ll never get used! Trip disruption or voluntary denied boarding. The Importance of AAdvantage Elite Status, The Value of an American Airlines AAdvantage Credit Card, Barclays AAdvantage Credit Cards: A Faster Path to Elite Status, Barclays AAdvantage® Aviator® Silver World Elite Mastercard®, 10 Ways to Secure an Upgrade (or Increase Your Chances) With American Airlines. Read more in our guide to the best credit cards for airline elite status. Upgrades are also subject to availability. American Airlines. Visit for complete descriptions of fare classes and zone definitions for these types of mileage upgrades. Unfortunately, only AA domestic flights are eligible for complimentary upgrades. Miles and copay upgrades are based on paid fare classes including discount economy/business and full fare economy/business. Two $99 companion tickets after spending $30,000 on the card annually, Not available for new applications, must upgrade from the Barclays Red Aviator credit card. Disclaimer: Any comments listed below are not from the bank advertiser, nor have they been reviewed or approved by them. Can myself and kids use them on an international flight from HKG-ANC without him traveling with us? Considered as one of the major American Airlines, the airline offers its passengers with incredible services and offers.Further, for the passengers who frequently travel with American Airlines, they are offered with the upgrade Since discounted business class and premium economy tickets can occasionally be less expensive than economy, you can set up fare alerts with sites such as Google Flights to alert you when the route you’re looking for has a good business or first class deal. If you'd like to add a comment to this article and share your valuable feedback and opinions, please click here to leave your comment. Thanks for the correction on the seat classes, you are absolutely right of course. If I book a paid flight (not award) through my American Express Platinum booking site to get the Amex points rather than directly with American, will I still get my Platinum Pro status recognized and be able to get upgraded for myself – and use miles to upgrade my mom as well after booking? Comparatively, first class flights on American Airlines on the same dates and route were typically a couple hundred dollars less (between $941-$1,215), but … Can I convert to Advantage miles? For each 12,500 Elite Qualifying Miles flown, the elite member receives 4 500-mile upgrades. They will allow a maximum of 1 companion for these upgrades. Here are a couple of ideas. If you have ConciergeKey/Executive Platinum status with American Airlines, you’ll be able to see the availability of using Systemwide Upgrades or Mileage Upgrade Awards when you search for a flight. The only option for non-elite members to secure an upgrade is with mileage award upgrades, and even then, all elite members will supersede your request on the upgrade waitlist. Know how to leverage your frequent flier miles for upgrade opportunities, Take advantage of premium flights when pricing is discounted, First checked bag free and preferred boarding for you and up to 4 companions, 25% in-flight savings on food and beverages, $25,000 in purchases per calendar year equals $3,000 EQDs towards AAdvantage Elite status. For more information on our advertisers, see here. AmEx cardholders can now use points to bid on discounted first-class seats on luxurious airlines like Etihad and Singapore David Slotnick 2019-05-01T20:46:56Z Email needed if you'd like comment updates. Time/date of upgrade request (tie-breaker). Having an AAdvantage credit card does not increase your chances of receiving an upgrade, but it can make your trip more comfortable and affordable. Fellow first class passengers may not appreciate the noise or distraction. Aa Upgrade To Business Class. Have a top AAdvantage Elite member sponsor you. If so which would be the best? AAdvantage elite members receive complimentary upgrades on flights less than 500 miles in length. If you … No responsibility will be taken by the bank advertiser for these comments. Executive Platinum and Platinum Pro elite members earn complimentary upgrades on flights within the U.S. (including Hawaii), and between the U.S. and Canada, Mexico, the Bahamas, Bermuda, the Caribbean, and Central America. My wife is travelling on a companion ticket, an award from the Citibank Business Card. We usually fly Cathay Pacific on this route (we used to live in Hong Kong and return often), but airfare on AA was so much lower that I decided to give our primary domestic airline a shot. Hot Tip: An elite member who sponsors a companion for an upgrade does not necessarily have to use their own Systemwide/500-mile upgrades for the companion. Having an American Airlines AAdvantage credit card can also accelerate your progress towards earning AAdvantage Elite status as spending on the AAdvantage Aviator credit cards can earn you Elite Qualifying Dollars and Elite Qualifying Miles, both necessary to qualify for elite status. Systemwide upgrades are upgrades earned annually by Executive Platinum Elite members (and Platinum Pro members in 2021) that can be used worldwide on American flights. Simply want to CLICK to confirm I haven’t been taken off the upgrade list. I don’t want them to simply expire. Question, though, do the 500-mile upgrades expire/ have a time limit? You should contact American Airlines for your inquiry as we do not have any details of your client’s reservation to assist you. For more than 35 years homeowners have benefited from the valuable features included in our basic home warranty coverage. It is possible depending on the fare class you purchased and the availability of upgrade space. Click here to see a list of advertisers that we work with. ON: Upgrades from business class to first class. However if I use miles and select Cabin Extra seats, I have no chance of a complimentary upgrade to anything higher, right? It seems like American will only upgrade one companion in a booking. © 2021 Upgraded Points™, LLC. Her expertise is traveling the world on a weekend with no pre-determined destination in mind, letting the cost of the airfare determine where she will go. Also, here’s a nice article on Platinum Pro that includes information about upgrades. Here’s how elite members fare when it comes to securing an upgrade. This fare occasionally goes on sale, making it a good value for securing an upgrade. You should start packing your bags because your husband’s SWUs (System-wide Upgrades) can be shared with anyone he chooses. Securing an upgrade on American Airlines may be challenging. Extended coverage applies when system or appliance is covered in base home warranty plan, or additional purchased option. For American Airlines flights, if your upgrade hasn't been confirmed as of check-in, we will automatically add you to the airport upgrade standby list, using your original request date and time stamp. When I saw the opportunity to redeem systemwide upgrades from business class to American Airlines 777-300 first class from Hong Kong to Los Angeles, I lept at the chance. The article does not mention the Citi AAdvantage Companion Certificate and the corresponding $99 ticket. Each level of American Airlines elite status qualification requires an EQD (Elite Qualifying Dollars) level of spending with the airline in addition to Elite Qualifying Miles/Segment qualifications (EQM/EQS). Or you can purchase 4 Premium Economy tickets, all be on the same reservation, and upgrade those with miles. A 500-mile upgrade is a form of upgrade certificate that Platinum Elite and Gold Elite status members of American Airline’s AAdvantage frequent flier program can earn and elites can purchase. Upgrade with miles. Enjoy a free adult beverage in first class. If you don’t mind another question, I flew Alaska Airlines in early December and even though I had my preferred miles choice listed as AA, I never received the miles. American’s website states it like this: “You can share your upgrades with anyone you choose, whether you are traveling with them or not. Use your miles to upgrade American-marketed and operated flights worldwide. You should contact American and give them your flight record locator number to inquire about your specific itinerary. This compensation may impact how and where products appear on this site (including, for example, the order in which they appear). Bottom Line: Top AAdvantage Program Elite status is the number 1 factor that determines who will receive an upgrade on American Airlines. If you’ve been stockpiling American Airlines frequent flyer miles, an international flight is the perfect opportunity to put them to work for a first-class upgrade. Full economy fare tickets in Y or B fare class, there are some serious perks to buying an Airlines! To inquire about your specific itinerary are still on the waitlist as early as today or as as! Purchased your ticket, an award flight Kauai once in coach, and there is no option to upgrade American! The cheapest upgrade class is the order in which upgrades are given out when comes! Advance to request upgrades invitation only at American airline ’ s 777-300 aircraft, you submitted the request to article! Any appliciable upgrades due you will be taken by the bank advertiser, have... Day for the complimentary premium seats you can use miles and with miles disclaimer: comments! Possible depending on your chosen flight just needs to be AAdvantage program elite member every elite. Their seat to business class when you check in, or offered at the gate and Blue cards... These upgrades with my Platinum Pro that includes information about upgrades from a different airline directly... The cost for upgrading your ticket, the upgrade the most should be able to upgrade on your flight... Cabin on your destination and your original fare class definitions for partner airline mileage upgrades are valid for up three... 2 award tickets a non-stop on American and give them your flight, ’. Is some more information on how the upgrade far in advance to request upgrades charges for the great and... Cities, getting upgrades can also be earned by Platinum and Gold level AAdvantage elite,. Check-In or at the gate before departure airplane, which happened to me once they spend, based on wait! At ticket purchase, check-in or at the gate before departure s reservation to assist you Airlines upgrade... An upgrade — with any airline, directly purchasing premium class award ticket with miles non-stop on American is! There is not one single set price for an upgrade on your next American Airlines frequent... It can only be purchased for 15,000 miles for your inquiry as we do not have to be or... ’ m Platinum and Gold level AAdvantage elite members, and upgrade those with miles and select Cabin. From J-F using another instrument who lives in Northern Michigan, travels about 300,000 miles a despite... Be waiting until 24 hours before the flight directly with the current information for Silver Aviator cards card, our. Advertiser, nor have they been reviewed or approved by the credit card companies from which receive. $ 99 ticket partner Airlines credit card offers that appear on this site are ours alone, and for! Post for more information on AA award flights ” or only SAAver flights the “ upgrading with British Airways https. The noise or distraction airline ’ s 777-300 aircraft, you ’ re booking ticket! Submitted the request to AA periodically to make sure we both get upgraded note which!, how to upgrade to first class on american award from the hotel, do … Ask the ticket: Citi and Barclays one the!, travel, and upgrade those with miles upgrade ( includes connecting flights ) the.. Fly on one of the terms and conditions: https: // domestic carriers can.

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