Movie rating predictor

Movie rating predictor

Movielens Case Study, predictive modeling with logistic regression


  • Import the three datasets
  • Create a new dataset named “master_data” with the following columns (MovieID Title UserID Age Gender Occupation Rating)
  • Explore the datasets using visual representations (graphs or tables), also include your comments on the following:

** User Age Distribution

** User rating of the movie “Toy Story”

** Top 25 movies by viewership rating

** Find the ratings for all the movies reviewed by for a particular user of user id = 2696

  • Feature Engineering:

** Find out all unique genres

** Create a separate column for each genre category with a one-hot encoding ( 1 and 0) whether or not the movie belongs to that genre.

** Determine the features affecting the ratings of any particular movie.

** Develop an appropriate model to predict the movie ratings

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