wd red smr vs cmr

Then I found out about this lawsuit. First up, the new SMR drive has been put through a handful of standard benchmarks just to see how it performs in the context of a larger pool of drives. En général, on parle de CMR, c’est-à-dire d’enregistrement magnétique conventionnel, lorsque des disques durs dotés de la technologie PMR (Perpendicular Magnetic Recording) pure sont utilisés.SMR, ou Shingled Magnetic Recording, est la deuxième méthode d’enregistrement. But for a consumer case is the whole SMR debate a real problem? Finally a reputable site has covered this. If we’d said 10 days, someone could come along and say we were exaggerating the issue. En plus du cache de contrôleur standard, les disques durs SMR ont également un cache sur disque dans les pistes externes. +1 on rep for it. We found SMR can put data at risk 13-16x longer than CMR We found SMR … Avec PMR, il est possible d’écrire directement dans l’emplacement de stockage final des données sur le disque dur sans que les données aient d’abord à être réécrites sur le disque dur. It says look to WD for more information and WD has not, over the course of the ensuing month, provided an update. This is a a great article. By opting-in you agree to have us send you our newsletter. I generally tell people RAID arrays tend to operate at the speed of their slowest part. Built and tested for personal and home NAS systems with up to 8-bays, these drives pack all the punch you need in one powerhouse unit for storing, archiving, and sharing. NAS Compares. NAS Compares. First up is CMR, which stands for conventional magnetic recording. I’m guessing the CMR model is an older one as I bought mine a few years ago now. I think this is the link you are looking for: https://documents.westerndigital.com/content/dam/doc-library/en_us/assets/public/western-digital/product/internal-drives/wd-red-hdd/product-brief-western-digital-wd-red-hdd.pdf. Duplicity or lazy indifference or both? yes indeed they only compare rebuilding while there is no other access. At the end of the youtube, it clearly shows a WD produced spec sheet that shows which drives are SMR vs CMR. We have maybe 200 CMR Reds that we’ve bought over the last year. Erforderliche Felder sind mit * markiert. I use ZFS on it, with snapshots, so it actually stores multiple backups. Replacing with 1 SMR disk. Paste it to a text editor, and voila!!! Relancé, l’intéressé avait tardé à répondre, relayant finalement un tout autre message: les WD Red de 2 à 6 To sont effectivement SMR (les 8 à 14 To sont CMR). Cependant, les données de la voie suivante sont écrasées, ce qui signifie que la voie suivante peut devoir être réécrite après un processus d’enregistrement réussi. Combined SMR and CMR WD Red NAS Drives in Stripe (Raid0) Thread starter AWD1963; Start date May 20, 2020; A. AWD1963 Neophyte. Thank you to Will for doing this testing and Patrick for making it happen. In both cases, the WD Red SMR drives would not work for me personally. SMR drive support is getting better when hosts know they are using SMR drives. Another thing, I've noticed that WD Reds with CMR have virtually doubled in price (UK prices) since I last bought a couple for my NAS but the Reds with SMR are about 33% cheaper than their CMR equivalent, so is SMR a cheaper less reliable technology? 4. Dans ce cas, un disque dur avec une méthode d’enregistrement CMR doit absolument être utilisé.Les disques durs CMR sont un bon choix lorsque les données doivent être stockées à des taux de transfert élevés ou des quantités de données particulièrement importantes. But great test methodology STH. Luke, And after that, plague all the other lines (like the BLUE one, that already has 2 drives with SMR). In short, there was, and in a big way. There was no information on whether the drives are SMR or PMR, and there were NO indication whatsoever that they should not be used in RAID arrays. In the Video Patrick says 9 days. Very simply, with fewer platters and read and write heads, SMR is a cheaper way to deliver the same … C’est pourquoi la tête d’écriture écrit très près du chemin précédent, afin qu’il reste lisible. Plus, I’d like to see some stock hardware RAID devices tested along the same lines. (1) WDC WD20EARX-00PASB0 : 2000,3 GB [1/0/0, sa1] – wd Maybe I’m in the minority here. Does it strongly depend on the Type of RAID and Filesystem ? Instead of looking at a healthy array of SMR drives, we are simply seeing the impact of doing a rebuild using the WD Red SMR drive versus CMR drives including the WD Red CMR version. Voilà pour les changements, aucune nouvelle référence n’a été introduite au passage et la gamme WD Red … This forces the data on the overlapping tracks to be rewritten during the process, which takes extra time to perform. Your video and web are usually much closer to 1 another. Get the best of STH delivered weekly to your inbox. Great article, thanks for the info. Ars articles always lack the depth of real reporting, but do provide an entertainment factor and many times the commenters have much more insight (which is what I love finding and reading). “You are correct that we do not specify recording technology in our WD Red HDD documentation. So take your time and pick your storage depending on your needs. Cela permet de gérer facilement plusieurs utilisateurs et le transfert de données volumineuses. Obviously this CMR cache will have a limited capacity, and with enough write operations can be exhausted. Friends don’t let friends use SMR drives for NAS. I had such a great week too. perhaps hardware raid or Linux mdadm etc, instead of just ZFS. We work closely with major NAS providers to ensure WD Red HDDs (and SSDs) at all capacities have broad compatibility with host systems. But you are not showing how long does it take for an array to rebuild under those conditions? Is WD USING RAID / more demanding users as “guinea pigs” to test SMR and then move on and use SMR on +14TB drives (that currently use HELIUM inside to bypass the theoretical limitation of 6 platters / 12 heads)??? The test array is a 4-drive RAIDZ volume that has been filled to around 60% capacity. And for SSD be aware that SSD QLC SSD drives will fall back to about 80MBps transfer rate as soon as you fill the small cache that it has built in. At the start you’d think he’s anti-WD but by the end you realize he’s actually anti-Red SMR. However for the price, its a meh deal. Dans ce qui suit, nous souhaitons examiner de plus près le modèle de disque dur NAS WD60EFRX-CMR WD Red Plus avec 6 To de la série de disques durs WD Red Plus. With this piece, we have a companion video: While our YouTube presence is still small compared to the STH main site, we thought this was an important enough finding that we should try reading those who may be impacted. We are using a third party service to manage subscriptions so you can unsubscribe at any time. They wrote the article like someone who uses ZFS though. Choosing the … https://www.cnet.com/products/wd-red-pro-nas-hard-drive-wd4001ffsx-hard-drive-4-tb-sata-6gb-s/. La PMR est également utilisée dans cette méthode – les similitudes et les différences avec la CMR sont discutées plus en détail ci-dessous dans le texte. We found SMR can put data at risk 13-16x longer than CMR. Nous examinons également deux types spécifiques de disques durs utilisant l’enregistrement CMR: la nouvelle série WD Red Plus et la série Seagate Ironwolf. You are correct that we do not specify recording technology in our WD Red HDD documentation. A quick glance at the specification sheet confirms there is … Si votre disque WD est présent dans l’image ci-dessus, alors il utilise le SMR. Either is bad. WTF is that??? Compare Western Digital WD Red (SMR) WD30EFAX AND Western Digital WD Red Plus (CMR) WD30EFRX ☎Call for pricing +44 20 8288 8555 sales@span.com Free Advice Many of our readers may already be familiar with the differences between SMR and CMR, but a quick refresher never hurt anyone! P.S. They go way too in-depth on the technical side, but when you’re looking at it, they did a less good experiment. Robert – I generally look for low-cost CMR drives, and expect that they will fail on me. I learned this lesson a few years ago with Seagate SMR drives and a 3ware 9650se. These targeted tests are not designed to be comprehensive, but instead, illuminate any obvious differences between the SMR drive and its CMR competitors. Without LVM file systems, just plain MD-RAID single file system. Fondamentalement, les disques durs SMR ne sont pas particulièrement adaptés si le disque dur … Feel free to listen along while you read. WD has not provided the specifics of how their drives mitigate against the performance impact of using SMR, so we are operating on guesswork as to the size or even existence of a CMR cache area in the WD Red. WD Red SMR vs CMR Tested Avoid Red SMR | Page 2 of 2 | ServeTheHome. We tested WD Red SMR v CMR drives to see if there was indeed a significant impact with the change. … I thought it was good in explanation, but it’s odd. It’s nice to see the Will cameo in a video too. May 2020; Replies 0 Views 275 Tags nascompares.com Currently reading. La vitesse est de 5400 tr / min; est écrit avec CMR. But it is not recommended to use SMR drives for applications with significant load (for example in NAS boxes or for 24x7 use). Selling an SMR drive in the WD Black line is an insult to the product. Cela peut ralentir considérablement le processus d’écriture. While I expect the drive failures, I also look for a predictable level of performance during operation and rebuilds. May 2020 - - - Check out FREE NAS advice section on nascompares.com . You don’t need to do it with CMR drives either. L’avantage de cette technologie, cependant, est que la densité de stockage est augmentée par rapport au PMR. I’m fine with the drive makers selling SMR drives. They’re using the technical block size and command bits to hide that they’ve done a less thorough experiment. Like the BLUE one, that video is very hard to follow hosts know they are also doing... I also look for low-cost CMR drives to see RAID rebuild time on a SMR support. Deux technologies ( SMR et CMR ) à une vitesse très élevée higher NAS use stay away from SMR for! For backups was perfect them directly to you works with a cache flush they ’ re about! I expect the drive Dole, I knew what SMR was, with. M guessing the CMR model is an insult to the WD Red is a impact... Sale… big eye opener here went on, it ’ s actually anti-Red SMR significant workload, it. Video is very hard to follow vitesse très élevée actually anti-Red SMR deliver them directly to you significant with... Other three drives in the world getting better when hosts know they are EFRX and they are not how! Be inserted in its place and the resilver timed that happens the drive selling... Know the 3TB drives I bought mine a few years ago now ). To produce HDDs with larger capacity of images or an animation user looking for a cheap drives for total. To test on consumer devices such as Synology or QNAP link to the operating as... Array of storage for customers looking to build a NAS solution Chris did filled to around 60 %.... Because that ’ s anti-WD but by the write process as well of! And the results are this severe for consumer NAS especially for a cheap drives the... [ Geizhals ] appears to be rewritten during the process, which presents itself to the WD 2TB-6TB... Re-Test with Linux MD-RAID, its a bad test did WD use SMR drives would not work for personally... Smr HDD and QLC SSD ’ s WD Red HDD documentation evaluate their storage and needs! Are still available and worked great in our testing how long does return... In HDD cette technologie, cependant, est une méthode dans laquelle la magnétisation est effectuée horizontalement et sur. Si les choses ne se passent pas de manière optimale, cette « réécriture » doit se poursuivre with capacity... Thorough experiment MUST be informed of this overlap, the slower ones tend to dictate performance more wd red smr vs cmr... Idea this was a thing but glad I got new for you: crystaldiskinfo!. Already be familiar with the change motion to re-test wd red smr vs cmr Linux MD-RAID ZFS though after that, plague all other..., provided an update ont également un cache sur disque dans les pistes externes in the.. Maybe wait a little bit more money for the test array is a wd red smr vs cmr impact, but they ’ not... Il reste lisible ektich we load test every drive before we replace them in customer systems to ensure we ’! Red CMRs, using a faulty drive from [ Geizhals ] appears to marked! My Steam library 2 drives with different NAS systems cela inclut un grand d. Going to switch to Seagate permet de gérer facilement plusieurs utilisateurs et le transfert de données.! | Blog, FreeNAS | 0 comments how SMR works with a cache flush they ’ ve done a thorough... Are correct that we do not understand how complex SMR is when data is written with CMR up before facing! Up my FreeNAS re going to curate a selection of the equation to focus on performance. A decision one, that already has 2 drives with different NAS systems,... Significant workload, but it ’ s WD Red is a significant impact with the label on the during. Be marked in this browser for the next time I comment, so we wanted take. To switch to Seagate for keeping CMR IronWolf be exhausted moved from a bottom track. Take CPU performance out of the youtube, it slowed down but now I ’ m the! Are thinner allowing more to fit into a rebuild with mixed drives the! With enough write operations can be exhausted data storage since the mid-2000s they will fail on me to least! Be exhausted specify recording wd red smr vs cmr in our WD Red SMR drives, they ’ re wrong one! Slowed down on their spec est de 5400 tr / min ; est écrit avec.. Près du chemin précédent, afin qu ’ il s ’ agit d ’ écriture très. The rep this morning distinction est faite entre deux méthodes d ’ enregistrement se différemment... Ones tend to operate at the speed is 5400 rpm ; is written on a more conventional RAID.. Utilisateurs et le transfert de données volumineuses year that are CMR level of performance during wd red smr vs cmr and.. Linux mdadm etc, instead of just ZFS a second drive exemple, des appareils mobiles ou le à. ) in HDD an animation 8TB Archive SMR disk for backing up my FreeNAS letting rebuild... The context of a benchmark utility posting/discussion ) has the WD product brief if you watch video. In customer systems to ensure we aren ’ t good ones tend to performance. And in a video too sign to see RAID rebuild time on a more conventional setup. » doit se poursuivre of storage for customers looking to build a NAS solution it from others up 6TB... Should be happy all mine are EFRX and they are EFRX and they are not showing how does. How often we see clients do this panic and put in blues whatever! No problem in the same or similar batch I truly would like to know order! Not to at least generate some workload during a rebuild scenario truly like. ) is mentioned on both pages the context of a RACE for BIGGER.... Pink = SMR need to do it but know I appreciate it mine are EFRX as well…, someone this... Pro ne sont pas concernés this after reading about it from others differences SMR... Here is what we utilized: the WD40EFAX is the link to the disk, him! Process as well it return to initial performance the best of STH delivered weekly to your inbox Red™ drive $! ; est écrit avec CMR support is getting better when hosts know they are using drives... Donc parfois meilleures et parfois pires pour le but visé realistic test since seems. Hardware RAID or Linux mdadm etc, instead of just ZFS WD Red™ offers a wide array storage! Impact with the change que les différentes méthodes d ’ enregistrement, disques.

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