PT2399 Simple Delay Circuit

PT2399 Simple Delay Circuit



This circuit is very dirty — DIRRRRRRTY  and it’s great!  Incredibly simple, just a few parts.  This is based on the simple delay. doesn’t have the schematic, but I looked at the images and was able to piece this together and get it to work.  So, I made my own schematic based on what I got out of it, hope it works for you too.  To make it work well, I always turn the POTS all the way on the same direction, you should hear the time signature (going very fast like a growl) even if there is no input signal.  Now you can adjust the wet/dry as you like, but after a certain point the entire sound output will disappear.  So there’s not much room in the wet/dry for variation — feel free to tweak this as you like.

UPDATE!!! JAN 22ND 2013 – – Thanks to Oskar for notifying me of this issue.  The diagram is correct I promise, BUT, If you’ve wired everything correctly, and it still doesn’t turn on, most likely it is because the input and output connections are not grounded correctly.  Remember, your audio in and outputs have a GND connection on them, on the socket and on the wire itself.  So, you need to make the POSITIVE of the INPUT socket go parallel to the 4.7k resistor, as in the diagram, but make sure it’s the POSITIVE part of the socket that goes there.

The POSITIVE of the OUTPUT socket goes to pin 14, and then the other wire is put into the GND of the board.  I know, it sounds weird, but trust me, it works because I pulled this whole thing apart to clean it and it didn’t work until I made those changes.  Very frustrating but I promise you the circuit works and it’s super fun.


NOTE:  if you remove the LED, this thing is VERY LOUD.