Glow Jars

Glow jars, or sometimes called “sun jars” are incredibly fun and super easy to make.  I like to customize the insides of them so I use acrylic paints.  To seal them you’ll need hot glue or epoxy.

You only need a few things:

  1. The jar – I’ve found that walmart sells good quality glass jars with lids that fit this project perfectly.  They are called “Emma glass jar with lid”.  You have to find the right diameter jar that will fit a solar light snuggly.
  2. The solar light– this is a common solar garden / walkway light.  Take the top and bottom off, all you need is the solar panel + light body.  The lights you want to get are from Westinghouse and they are the lowest price little “solar path lights” you can find, always in store and around $1 each.  These fit the emma jar mouth interior diameter quite well.
  3. Sealant – Hot glue or epoxy
  4. Some color – acrylic paint / spray paint / liquid from glow sticks