Ruben’s Flame Tube

A project I did over the weekend in 2012.  This is a Ruben’s tube, I won’t explain in detail how it works, you can check out the wiki page to find out more.

I got pretty much everything from home depot.  Things I would recommend:

– use Nitril rubber gloves as your diaphram, and use 2 of them on top of each other.  Duct tape them tightly to the vent pipe and then place the metal pipe hanger over it, then tighten that up.

– the necessary gas pressure needed to run one of these is extremely minimal!!!  if you crank up the gas, you will not have any effect at all, just a very big propane tube wasting propane…  Turn the gas OFF and very very very slowly turn it just a hair on and pressurize the tube.  Hold a long handle flame lighter over the tube holes and you want just a small flame.

-heavy bass music may blow out your flame, so turn down the volume.

-turning on the gas higher pressure doesn’t help at all.. in fact it blows it out if you play music through it.