FM transmitter hack

After using Android and getting tired of the crashes, I bought a used 3G iphone and found to my dismay that the audio jack was inoperable…  I need music in my car!!!  Arrghhh….  Fixing it would involve taking the entire device apart, every single layer to the very very bottom…  Obviously that’s not an option considering the phone cost me $90 and the audio port repair is $100.  So I decided to buy an FM transmitter that used only the charging / data port.

I had read dozens and dozens of bad reviews of every make and model, but decided to get the best even though they’re all generally poor performers.  I bought the Belkin Tunecast Auto Live. The reception was very erratic and worked best only if it was near the actual radio system in my car.  I would have to place the iphone on my dash and then have the unit dangling in the air, this wasn’t gonna work.  The problems:

1) The reception was constantly getting hijacked by other FM channels due to orientation of the car, the unit or signal strenght of those channels.

2) No matter how good the reception was, there was still this annoying and painful high pitch whine from the unit at all times.

So I looked at some other hacks and found an easy one to do which would involve making the antenna longer.   I decided to see if that would work, and it did, A LOT!!  Currently there is little to no reception problems ever, and I drive all over town and on the highways.

Here are the instructions on how to fix your’s: