Chinese Punk Rock Book

Inseparable –
the memoirs of an American and the story of Chinese punk rock

Wow!  Yuan Qing from China Daily (China’s national newspaper) interviewed me about the book and the charity concert, this is a pretty good article that comes out sometime at the end of September 2012.


I spent many years helping and developing some of the earliest punk bands in Beijing from 1995-2003.  Bands like Underbaby, Catcher in the Rye, Brain Failure, Anarchy Boys, Reflector, 69 and even PK-14 all have their start in the pages of this book.  It was an experience I am very grateful for and cherish all the memories, good and bad.  I felt my experience was unique and decided to write the only definitive book about the history of Chinese punk rock.  It took seven years to finish and so far the reviews have been both humbling and amazing.  The book is dedicated to those who helped make Chinese punk rock, the bands and the audiences that came to support us.  I’m currently seeking a publisher here in the USA and in Asia who can oversee the translation and distribution – if you know of any, please contact me at


  • 200 pages, over 100 rare and unseen photographs
  • 8 1/2 x 11 paperback with glossy covers
  • Personal stories from the bands of how they formed and evolved
  • English and Chinese translated song lyrics
  • Historically accurate and widely cited

To purchase the book for only $16, please visit at this link:

The book is also on Amazon and Google books in print and ebook versions, but a purchase from Lulu allows me to collect extra money for the charity that I support, Half the Sky; a Chinese children’s orphanage.  You can donate directly to Half the Sky here.



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