Web Portfolio

ford.com.cn  Ford China Website
ibm.com.cn  IBM China Website as well as backend CMS system
maxwellhouse.com.cn  Maxwell House China Website including forums and rewards system
motorola.com.cn  Motorola China Web promotions and eventually their website
fivestarbeer.com  Five Star Beer was one of China’s oldest and largest breweries
madeforchina.com  Made For China website, originally a print company Bjorn and I turned it into a web services company in 1998
gunghofilms.com  Gung Ho films website
weiku.comKuSound  Weiku.com, was Rock Records entertainment portal on the mainland.
Americahost.com Americahost was a small hosting company I started in 1997 serving not only the local Austin area, but several clients from Asia as well.
chineserock.com The Chinese Rock Review was an on-line music magazine featuring monthly news, reviews and pictures of Mainland Chinese rock and roll bands. Graphics done in Illustrator and Photoshop.
koryotours.com Koryo Tours was a British company located in Beijing. They host tours that trek from Northern China into the last remaining communist stronghold on Earth: North Korea.